Organic fertilizer with agricultural

 The fertilizer granulator are to be used in the agricultural and its using improve the agricultural development.And now,we can produce the organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer can be produced by using the fertilizer manufacturing technology.The using of the technology improve the development of the fertilizer machines.Because different type fertilizer machines are designed and equipped in the fertilizer manufacturing process.Well,there we share the relationship about the organic fertilizer with agricultural.
The organic fertilizer manufacturing process sometimes have a little complex xompared with the compound or bb fertilizer production.Organic fertilizer contains biomass and other components,which can enhance the adaptability of crops to the adverse environment and enhance the resistance of crops.Organic fertilizer can improve soil structure,improve soil water holding capacity,reduce ineffective evaporation of water,all kinds of humic acid substances formed by organic fertilizer transformation can improve crop activity,enhance drought resistance of crops,heat absorption and heat preservation of organic fertilizer can improve soil temperature,improve drought resistance and frost resistance of crops;organic fertilizer in the decomposition and transformation process,by the role of microorganisms.The physiological active substance can promote the healthy growth of crops and improve the disease resistance ability of crops.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process
The organic fertilizer production line is also designed for producing the organic fertilizer.When we produce the fertilizer into granulator we need to use the fertilizer granulator machine in the fertilizer production line.There,we shared the reason why we use the organic fertilizer in the agricultural.And then we share more about the organic fertilizer production using the fertilizer machines.Firstly,we choose the suitable raw materials of producing the organic fertilizer granulator.Usually,we can choose the cow manure,chicken manure straw and other type  raw materaisl containing the organic materials.Taking the chicken manure as the example,we need to ferment the chicken manure using the fermentation compost turning machine for some time,using the fermenting technology to kill the bacterial in the chicken manure.And then put them into the fertilizer crusher machine which we can choose the half wet materials crusher machine to grind the big and hard raw materials after fermenting.Next to put them into the fertilizer mixer machine and add other additional materials to mix them with together.After mixing,put the raw materais into the fertilizer granualtor machine to shape into granulator.Different type we can choose the granulator machine,when producing the organic fertilizer granulator we can choose the new type organic fertilizer granulator or the flat die granulator machine.The choosing to some extent depend on the raw materials what you use in the producing process.Using the new type organic fertilizer granulator to produce the organic fertilizer granualtor,and then put them into the drum dryer machine to dry by the belt conveyor.After that using the fertilizer screener machine to separate the quality granulator and inquality granulator.Sometimes,if the line is large scale,we will equip two screener machine.Separateing the quality granulator into the automatic packing machine to be packed and put the inquality granulator into the chain crusher machine to be crushed.The fertilizer production line designing,not only improve the working efficient,and improve the using rate of the  raw materials.
The organic fertilizer now is used widely in the agricultural,and the organic fertilizer producing using the technology increase the market of the organic fertilizer.We are as the fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are also desinging the new type fertilizer machines and new type fertilizer production line.