Methods of harmless treatment of feces

Sometime,when we produce the fertilizer granulator the raw materials can be the manure.But in the manure it also contain large bacterial,so before producing the fertilizer granulator,we need to use the fermenting technology to deal with the raw materials.So there are some methods of harmless treatment of feces in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.

1.Composting method:Composting and fermentation is a traditional and feasible method for the treatment and utilization of livestock manure,which refers to the treatment of organic waste.Composting technology can reduce,dehydrate and harmless feces in a short time,and achieve better treatment effect.Feces are piled up and fermented to kill the eggs and pathogens by using the temperature generated by itself,so as to achieve the purpose of harmless treatment.
2.Feermentation treatment:The feed excrement resource is an important way of comprehensive utilization of excrement.Livestock manure contains a lot of undigested protein,B vitamins,mineral elements,crude fat and a certain amount of carbohydrates,especially the high content of crude protein.The manure fermented by fermentation agent can become a better livestock resource.
3.Land reduction method:Livestock manure returning to the field is an important part of traditional agriculture in China,which plays an important role in improving soil and increasing crop yield.The soil can not only get fertilizer,but also purify excrement,which saves the cost of excrement treatment.
In these mathod,the first one method is the usual used method in the fertilizer manufacturing process.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,using the fermentation composting technology to ferment the manure for sometime.The fermentation compost turnning machine to be designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers for fermentating the raw materials.More fertilizer machines can be designed for fermenting the raw materials.
oorganic fertilizer manufacturing process
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