Organic fertilizer production equipment-flat die granulator

Using solid waste to produce organic fertilizer is not only beneficial to ecological development, but also to agricultural production. Compared with other organic fertilizer production equipment, flat die granulator has the effect of high efficiency and energy saving in organic fertilizer granulation. Cylindrical granules produced by flat die granulator are helpful to slow-release fertilizer efficiency and play a unique advantage in organic fertilizer production.

Working Principle of Flat Die Granulator
The main structure of flat die granulator: roller, template, cutter, motor.
The power of the flat die granulator is provided by the deceleration motor, which is connected with the drive component of the granulator through the coupling. After the drive component reduces again, the speed reaches the predetermined speed. The spindle of the granulator drives the template and the throwing disc to rotate. Organic fertilizer powder enters the granulator from the inlet port. With the rotation of the template, the material is extruded by roller, and strips are extruded from the holes of the template. The cutting knife on the granulator cuts the strip material into cylindrical granules of organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer is thrown out from the outlet to get the finished granules we need.
organic fertilizer production equipment of flat die granulator
Suitable Material for Flat Die Granulator
Agricultural waste: Straw,dregs of beans,cotton stalk,rice bran,etc.
Animal manure: Livestock excrement of cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, sheep, etc.
Home scrap: Food waste, bones, the roots and leaves of vegetables,etc
Others: Sludge of the rive, the sewer,etc.

Flat die granulator has superior shape effect on granulation of coarse fiber raw materials. It is not only suitable for organic fertilizer granulation, but also suitable for extrusion granulation of compound fertilizer, bio-bacterial fertilizer, feed, etc. Flat die granulator with other organic fertilizer production equipment can treat organic waste into high-quality organic fertilizer products. Flat die granulator has vital significance in the development of fertilizer granulator.