Operation of Drum Screening Machine for Fertilizer Production Equipment

Drum screener is used for separating finished products and returning materials, often used in fertilizer manufacturing industry, is a fertilizer production equipment. The drum screening machine works steadily and adopts an integrated screen for easy maintenance and replacement. We should pay attention to the following matters when operating the drum screening machine.
fertilizer production equipment of drum screening machine

1. Before starting the screening machine, check whether the main shaft of the vibrator of the screening machine is flexible, whether the screening machine is lubricated, whether the connecting parts such as bolts are loose or not. The screening machine with dust removal device should first start the dust removal device and then start the screening machine. After normal operation, the screen surface of the drum screen can be uniformly fed.

2. During the operation of drum screening machine, the staff should regularly check the wear and tear of the equipment, check whether the local wear of the screen surface causes leakage, whether the screen surface is too large or deformed due to the wear of the screen hole, which affects the accuracy of particle classification and the efficiency of fertilizer screening. If the screen is damaged, it must be stopped to repair. The parts and components of the overworn screen should be replaced in time.

3. When the drum sifter is running, the bearing of the screener should be lubricated properly. In normal operation, butter should be injected once a week with the oil gun. Every two months or so, the bearing cover should be removed to clean the bearings and the butter should be reinjected. At the same time, we should closely check the temperature of bearings. The temperature of bearings should not exceed 40℃, and the maximum should not exceed 60℃.

4. Pay attention to whether there is noise when the drum screener is running. Check the vibration of the screen box. If the screen box is shaking, check whether the supporting spring is broken.

5. In the components of the screening machine, the screen surface is easy to wear out. Transmission belts, springs and bearings should also be regularly replaced. Before assembling the new screen, keep the parts clean and tighten. Screening machine parts to be repaired according to the use of the situation, usually within two years not to repair, replacement wear parts can be.