Organic fertilizer production and biofertilizer production process

 The organic fertilizer granulator and the biofertilizer production line is designed for producing the biofertilizer granulator.The reason why the price of organic fertilizer and bio organic fertilizer is low is that they have wode range of raw materials.Let's briefly introduce the production process of bio organic fertilizer.How to produce the biofertilizer granulator using the fertilizer manufacturing technology in a complete biofertilizer production line?
In the fertilizer manufacturing process,it is equipped with different type fertilizer equipment to finish the production process.The detailes as follows:
Step 1:Fermentation
a.Add fermentation strain:60% of livestock manure,20% of food bacteria residue,10% of straw and other materials with low water content(reduce the water content to 40%,which is the most suitable water content for fermentation),and 1% of bacterial starter.The purpose of adding the fungicide is to increase the temperature rise speed,control the fermentation temperature at 65 ℃ ~ 70 ℃.eliminate the odor and sterilization in the fermentation process,and accelerate the fermentation speed,so as to shorten the fermentation time to about 15-20 days;
In the process of fermentation,it should be noted that the tossing should be done every 2-3 days.If the workload is too large,the fermentation tossing machine can be used.The purpose is:in order to increase the oxygen content,the pile needs to be turned over continuously;at the same time,it is also to make the fermentation bacteria more evenly cotact with the materials and increase the maturity;it is also speeds up the process of fermentation maturity.
biofertilizer production
b.Mashing after fermentation and ripening:
Because some of the stems are too large for fertilizer application,it is necessary to crush these materials through the semi wet material crusher to prepare for the next granulation(the smaller the crushed,the easier the granulation).The crushed and stirred materials are powder,which is not conducive to mechanical fertilization.
Step 2:Granulation
If it is an organic fertilizer manufacturer,it needs to be granulated and then sold out of the facory.The price of the granulated organic fertilizer,which is produced in the organic fertilizer production line,is much higher than that of the general fermented farmyard fertilizer,which is why the price difference of the organic fertilizer is several expensive and the profit is also more considerable.
a.Mixing:In the biofertilizer production line,add proper amount of urea(and npk)into the comminuted product after fermentation,and mix evenly with horizontal mixer.Because for the content of npk in organic fertilizer,the state has a clear regulation of 5% each,and although the fermented organic fertilizer is rich in nutrients,the content of npk still does not meet the national organic fertilizer content standard.It is necessary to add npk in the process of granulation,smash them into uniform particle size and turn them into powder,which is conducive to granulation and fertilization.
Granulation:Different granulation methods are selected according to the water content and production capacity.When the output is large and the water content is  high(the cost is low),the disk granulator is used to dry and cool the materials evenly stirred to form the granular organic fertilizer.The disc granulator machine is alwys to be used in the organic fertilizer production line to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.
When the output is small and the water content is low(the cost is high),the use of the agitator granulator does not need drying and cooling any more,the pelletilizing rate is relatively high,which can reach more than 90%,and the hardness is good and not easy to be scattered.
c.Screening:The granulated materials are introduced into the screening machine,and 3 mm of them are directly screened out and put into the packaging link,which can be sold as commodities:those that do not meet the standard are less than 3mm,continue to granulate until the diameter reaches the standard;those that are more than 3mm are returned to the grinding link and then granulated.

Compared with traditional farmyard compost,organic fertilizer has one more process of developing and ripening,and deodorant is also added.Therefore,in the bio fertilizer manufacturing process,there is no odor,and the organic fertilizer after ripening will not produce secondary ripening in seeding burning;at the same time,because of rich nutrient elements,it can improve the soil sructure and avoid soil hardening;in the seedling burning;at the same time,because of rich nutrient elements,it can improve the soil structure and avoid soil hardening;in the fermentation process,bacteria is added.In the process of decomposition,the nutrients that are not easy to decomposes in soil are transformed into forms that are conducive to plant absorption and improve the quality of products.