Main technological process of small chicken manure organic fertilizer production line

Chicken manure is one of the treatment methods of chicken manure. Chicken manure will be sold to organic fertilizer equipment factory, which will be processed into organic fertilizer by them for secondary processing, and then sold to farmers to grow crops. The main equipment components and prices of organic fertilizer equipment are described in the previous part. Today, we will introduce the main process of small chicken manure organic fertilizer production line
(1) Raw material pretreatment of chicken manure
Objective: the purpose of raw material pretreatment is to adjust the moisture and carbon nitrogen ratio of materials, and to add bacteria to accelerate the fermentation process
Process: the main organic solid waste materials and auxiliary materials are mixed according to the proportion of ingredients, and microbial strains are added to promote the rapid fermentation process. After mixing, various materials are transported to the fermentation tank by forklift truck
(2) Primary fermentation
Objective: the purpose of aerobic composting of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line is to reduce volatile substances and odor in waste, kill parasitic eggs and pathogenic microorganisms, and achieve harmless purpose. In addition, through composting fermentation treatment, the moisture content of organic materials is reduced, organic matter is decomposed and mineralized, and nutrients such as n, P, K are released, and the properties of organic materials become loose and dispersed
On the other hand, through the composting process of anaerobic composting, on the other hand, the composting process can avoid moisture volatilization by composting machine, The temperature of composting can rise to 60-70 ℃. In the process control, according to the changes of temperature, moisture, oxygen content and other parameters of composting materials, after one cycle of composting, the moisture content after fermentation is greatly reduced (generally reduced to about 40%), which is transported to the Aging Workshop by forklift truck
Main technological process of small chicken manure organic fertilizer production line
(3) Aging
Objective: the organic solid waste of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line after one-time composting and fermentation has not yet reached complete maturity, so it is necessary to continue the secondary fermentation. The purpose of aging is to further decompose, stabilize and dry the remaining macromolecular organic matter in organic matter, so as to meet the requirements of subsequent composting process
Process: chicken manure organic fertilizer production line adopts tank type process for aging and fermentation. During the aging process, the temperature of compost will gradually decrease. When the temperature is stable below 40 ℃, the compost will be decomposed and form humus. The aging cycle is about 10-20 days, which can be adjusted according to the characteristics of fertilizer processing materials
(4) Fertilizer making and deep processing
Objective: the compost of small-scale organic fertilizer production line should be processed according to the use and market demand if it is to be sold as a product. The purpose of composting is to improve the fertilizer efficiency and commercialization of compost products, so as to improve the comprehensive economic benefits
Process: the fermented materials of small chicken manure organic fertilizer production line are proportioned by the batching system, lifted and transported by the belt conveyor, crushed, screened and graded, the materials on the screen are returned to the mixing room for proportioning, drum granulation, drying, cooling, coating and packaging of the powdery part under the screen by the belt conveyor, and the finished products are stored in the finished product warehouse.