Characteristics of disc bio organic fertilizer production technology

The pellet produced by disc fertilizer granulator machine is suitable for machine sowing, and the output is relatively high. The kneaded material is rolled into a round ball with no return material, high efficiency and good strength. Beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, safe and reliable, easy to operate.
Disc fertilizer granulator machine has a strong ability to prevent overload, even in the case of full load, there is no need to set up a separate feeding device.
Characteristics of disc bio organic fertilizer production technology
The characteristics of disc bio organic fertilizer production technology are as follows:
1. It can directly produce spherical particles in one step, no size and no material return, and the rate of ball forming is more than 95%. Therefore, the production cost is low and it is suitable for machine seeding.
When the moisture content of raw material is about 40%, the drying and post-treatment are easy and the drying cost is low. Because it can be dried at low temperature or in the air, it will not affect the number of bacteria in the biological fertilizer.
3. Wet granulation has the advantages of low wear and low cost.
4. It has wide adaptability to all kinds of materials used in organic fertilizer granulation. 

There are two main types of organic fertilizers processed by organic fertilizer production equipment: powdered fertilizers and granular fertilizers. Granular fertilizers are more commonly used in daily processing. The main purpose of using organic fertilizer production equipment to produce granular organic fertilizers is to facilitate bagging and transportation to prevent secondary fermentation of organic fertilizers. In addition, in terms of sales level, granular organic fertilizers are better sold.