The introduction of biofertilizer production

 Producing the organic or biofertilizer granulator,we can use the fertilizer manufacturing technology and a complete fertilizer production line is designed for producing the granulator,which is equipped with different type fertilizer machines in the fertilizer manufacturing process.
The so-called bio organic fertilizer production line is acturally the common organic fertilizer production line.The main reason for the distinction between biology and common is that during the production,the bio organic fertilizer production line added a link of adding microbial agents,resulting in the inal production of organic fertilizer and bio organic fertilizer.
This production line is organic fertilizer fermentation.In order to better explain the difference between the two lines,let's first understand the difference between organic fertilizer production process and bio organic fertilizer production process.
Process of flow of organic fertilizer production line:
In the line,the basic process as follows:Raw materials collection and then praw materials heap fermentation using the fermentation compost turner machine can save more time,next to using the fertilizer crusher machine to crushing the raw materials and then using the screening machine to screen the raw materials,then premix.Next to use the fertilizer granulator machine to make the granulator.After granulating,using the drying machine and cooling machine to deal with the granulator.Finally using the screeening machine to screen again and packing  the quality fertilizer granulator.
organic fertilizer production line
Process flow of biofertilizer production line:
In the process flow of bio organic fertilizer production line,it is first to be raw material collection and then biological fermentation with organic fertilizer starter and fermentation of semi-finished organic fertilizer products completed and then crushing premixing then granulation ,next to use the fertilizer dryer machine and cooler machine to dry and cooled the granulator.Finally the secondary screen and pack the granulator.
From the above two kinds of organic fertilizer producess,we can see that fermentation is the first and most important link of organic fertilizer production,because the final use effect of the produced organic fertilizer lies in this link.
biofertilizer production
As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturer of producing the organic fertilizer equipment and inorganic fertilizer equipment,we are not only designed the organci fertilizer production line,we also design the biofertilizer production line.And these equipment are also to be used in the biofertilizer production line to produce the bio organic fertilizer granulator.