Function and use of organic fertilizer on soil

 Producing the organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer using the fertilizer manufacturing technology,designing a complete fertilizer production line to finish the fertilizer production ,which in the line it is equipped with different type and series fertilizer equipment,not only can improve the working efficient.The organic or compound fertilizer to be used has many advantages on soil.There we share moree about the function of the organic fertilizer on soil.
Organic fertilizer which can be produced by the organic fertilizer production line,contains all kinds of nutrients elements and rich organic matter needed by crops.When it is applied to the soil,it decomposes slowly,it has long fertilizer effect and is not easy to be nutrients.
1.Provide comprehensive nutriention for crops.Organic fertilizer contains not only nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium,but also boron,zinc,molybdenum and other trace elements.When applied into the soil,it can provide comprehensive nutriention for crops.
2.Promote microbial reproduction.After the decomposition of organic fertilizer,it can provide engery and nutrients for the life activities of soil microorganisms,and then promote the reproduction of soil microorganisms.Microorganisms can accelerate the decomposition of organic matter through their activities and enrich the nutrients in the soil.
3.improve the soil structure.When organic fertilizer is applied to the soil,it can effectively improve the water,fertilizer,gas and heat conditions of the soil,make the soil loose and fertilie,and it is conducive to cultivation and growth and development of crop roots.
4.enhance the soil's abilit to maintain,supply and buffer.The decomposition of organic matter in organic fertilizer can enhance the ability of supplying fertilizer and acid and alkali tolerance in deep soil,and create a good soil condition for the growth and development of crops.
5.Stimulate crop growth.Some acid and physiological active substances produced by the decomposition of organic fertilizer can promote seed germination and root growth.The application of organic fertilizer in saline alkali soil can also improve the soil and reduce the harm of salt alikali to crops.

6.Improve the ability of drought and waterlogging resistance.When organic fertilizer is applied to the soil,it can enhance the water holding capacity of the soil,and in the case of drought,it can improve the drought resistance capacity of crops.After the application of organic fertilizer,it can also improve the gap degree of soil,make the soil loose,improve the ecological environment of root system,promote the development of root system,and improve the watelogging tolerance of crops.
7.Improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer.The organic acid produced by the decomposition of organic matter in orgnaic fertilizer can promote the dissolution of mineral nutrients in the soil and fertilizer,which is conducive to the absorption and utilization of crops.
Different type and series fertilizer machine to be used in the fertilizer manufacturing process to finish the production process,especially in the organic fertilizer production line,using these machine to finish the producing simplify the production process.
organic fertilizer production line
As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturer,we are not only produce the fertilizer machine,we also design the different type and series fertilizer production line to produce different type and series fertilizer.Like the biofertilizer production line is designed and used to produce the bio organic fertilizer.Using the machine to produce all types of fertilizer can meet the needs of the market.