What are disadvantages of processing immature manure into farmland in organic fertilizer production line?

 What are the disadvantages of processing immature directly into farmland or simply drying in organic fertilizer production line?Although the manure of livestock and poultry is a good organic fertilizer,if the immature of livestock and poultry is directly applied to the farmland or simply dried as organic fertilizer,there are many disadvantages,which are summarized as follows:
1.Infection of diseases and insect pests:the direct application of immature organic substances will lead to the transmission of diseases and insect pests,crop diseases,and also affect the health of the consumers of agricultural products.
2.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,if we donot compost the raw materials before making organic fertilizer,it will be fermentation and seeding burning:after the non fermented raw manure is applied to the filed,when the water and other fermentation conditions are available,the raw manure begins to ferment,and the heat prduced by fermentation will affect the growth of crops.
3.Soil hypoxia:organic substances consume oxygen in the soil in the process of differentiation,wwhich will restrain the growth of crops.Therefore,compost can only be applied after it has reached harmless treatment.
4.Slow fertilizer efficiency:most of the unfermented and rotten organic fertilizers in the organic fertilizer producton line or in biofertilizer production line are in organic state or slow effect state,which cannot be directly absorbed and used by the crops.They can only be absrbed and used by the crops after differentiation and transformation.
5.Huge volume:direct application without fermentation and maturity,large volume and high water content of feces,inconvenient transportation and application.Therefore,compost can be used only after it is decomposed and treated innocuously.
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