What are the factors that organic fertilizer equipment is widely used in aquaculture?

 What are the factors that organic fertilizer equipment is widely used in aquaculture?Nowdays,organic fertilizer treatment equipment has been applied in many farms,so what is the function of organic fertilizer equipment?What are its characteristics?
1Function of organic fertilizer treatment equipment: there are  a large number of viruses and bacteria in the dead pig incinerator deal animals.If not treated for a long time,it will cause certain harm to livestock,polutry and the environment.Due to various reasons,it will bring harm to human health.In order to prevent the growth of bacteria and the sperad of disease,organic fertilizer treatment equipment will be selected to deal with the disease,so as to realize fertilizer transformatin.For treasure,the treatmen can be recycled.It is to further kill bacterial and viruses and increase their utilization value,so as to turn waste into treasure.Mainly for the livestock and polutry,specifical breeding animals,as well as wild animals,and even all kinds of insectss.At the same time,people who are in direct or indirect contace with them may be infected.After harmless treatment,the harm is greatly reduced.
2.Features of organic fertilizer equipment:large heating area,fast heating and short humidification time.The equipment is manufacturer according to the national standard of boiler and pressure vessel.with corrosion resistance and pressure bearing performance bearing performance.The equipment is simple in structure,flexible in operation and convenient to be used in organic fertilizer manufacturing process.The equipment is equipped with oil residue separation device,which can perform basic oi-water separation while humidifying.Steam as heat source,no othr energy consumption.The equipment saves engery and the daily operation cost is low.The equipment with safety interlock,safety valve,pressure control and other safety devices of door opening system,with safe and reliable performance.
organic fertilizer production line
In the organic fertilizer production line it is equipped with all different series fertilizer equipment to finish the production process,using these equipment not improve the working efficient,it also improve the usage rate of the raw materials.
As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,we not only designed the organic fertilizer production line,we also designed the biofertilizer production line to make the bio organic fertilizer.