How to deal with the gas damage of organic fertilizer?

When producing the organic fertilizer which the fertilizer machine manufacturer designed the organic fertilizer production line,the raw materials inculded the chicken manure,cow manure,and other type animal manure.But before using these raw materials,we are first to ferment the raw materials to kill the bacterial in the raw materials.The traditional method is that adding some additional raw materials to make the raw materials to be fermented for sometime,but when the organic fertilizer unfermented,how to deal with the gas damage of organic fertilizer?Besides the traditional method to be used,the fertilizer equipment to be designed for fermenting the raw materials using the technology.
If the amount of organic fertilizer which is not completely decomposed is large,and the ploughing is shallow,a lot of manure is concertrated on the shallow surface,and the process of maturity is accelerated under the condition of good ventiation and suitable environment,it will lead to burning roots and fumigating seedings.What should growers do if this happens?
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1.Don't make any more puterfaction
If the organic fertilizer doesn't mature well,the root burning symptoms will appear within two or three days after the planting of vegetables.At this time,many vegetable farmers think that it's a good way to use fermented maturity agent for rapid fermentation,but in view of the planting of vegetables,the use of fermented maturity agent for rapid fermentation of organic fertilizer in the soil will agent should be used.
2.Ventilation shoulld be strengthed to avoid the spread of gas damage
In winter,the greenhouse is relatively closed,and the ammonia produced by organic fertilizer in the process of maturity can not be volatilized,so it is easy to smoke vegetables.Therefore,when the phenomenon of fumigating seedings occurs,the number and time of ventilation should be increased so that the ammonia in the shed can e discharged out of the shed in time to avoid the occurence of gas damage.
3.Increase the application of fertilizer for nourshing and protecting roots
The application of the functional products of root production with water can not only reduce the effect of immature organic fertilizer on the root system,but also inhibit the infection of root diseases by functional fertilizers such as biological bacterial fertilizer.
4.Foliar spraying of plant growth regulators
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When the vegetable appears burning seeding,may use the rooting agent to irrgate the root,promotes the root system growth.
In fact,using the fertilizer equipment to finish the fermenting parts will reduce more problems.In organic fertilizer manufacturing process,when producing the organic fertilizer,it is the first step to ferment the raw materials using the fermentation compost turner machine which it uses the fermenting technology to ferment the raw materials directly.Sometimes,the fermentation compost turner machine not only can be used in the organic fertilizer production line,it also can be used in biofertilizer production line to make the bio organic fertilizer.