The application methof of npk compound fertilizer

 Producing the npk,compound fertilizer by using the npk fertilizer production line.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,it is equipped with different type and series fertilizer equipment.How can we to use the npk,compound fertilizer?What method can be used to use the npk,compound fertilizer?
In the npk fertilizer manufacturing process,it is equipped with the fertilizer mixer machine,fertilizer crusher machine,and fertilizer granulator machine to finish the production process.Like the fertilizer mixer machine series,it is equipped with verticval disc mixer machine to finish mix the raw materials with other raw materials.According to different type production yield,it will be equipped with different model equipment in the production line.For example,in organic fertilizer production line,it is equipped with the horizontal mixer machine to finish the organic fertilizer production process.How to use the compound fertilizer?
Compound fertilizer has a long fertilizer effect,so it is suitable to be base fertilizer.A large number of experiments show that base application is the best way for both and ternary combination.This is because the compound fertilizer contains a variety of nutrients such as nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium etc,which is extremely sensitive to phosphorus and potassium at the early stage of crop,so it is required that the phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be used as the base fertilizer early.In the production of prodcess,coating and pelleting are used.The fertilizer effect is slow and stable,decomposition is slower that that of single chemical fertilizer,nutrient leaching is less,utilization rate is high,and it is suitable for base fertilizer.Generally,the consumption per mu is 30-40 kg.Compound fertilizer should not be used in seeding stage and middle and later stage to prevent greedy and overgrowth.
The decomposition of compound fertilizer is slow.For the crops with compound fertilizer as base fertilizer during sowing,quick acting nitrogen fertilizer should be supplemented in time according to the law of fertilizer demand of different crops to meet the nutritional  needs of crops.
The concentration of compound fertilizer is quite different,so we should pay attention to choose the appropriate concentration.Most of the compound fertilizers are made up of the average nutrient goodness of the soil type and the proportion of the fertilizer demand of the bulk crops in a certain region.There are high,medium and low concentration series of compound fertilizers on the market.Generally,the total nutrient of low concentration ranges from 25% to 30%,medium concentration ranges from 30% to 40%,and high concentration ranges from 40%.According to different regions,soils and crops,we should choose to use economic and efficient compound fertilizer.Generally,high concentration compound fertilizer is used in economic crop,with high quality,less residue and high utilization rate.
If the concentration of compound fertilizer is high,it is necessary to avoid direct contact between seed and fertilizer,which will affect seeding emergence,even seeding burning and rotten root.When sowing,the seed should be 5 to 10 cm away from the hole application and strip application of compound fertilizer.Do not directly apply the same hole with the seed to cause fertilizer damage.
npk fertilizer manufacturing process
The application range of nutrients should be paid attention to beceuse of the different raw materials of compound fertilizer.Different brands and concentrations of compound fertilizer use different raw materials,which should be selected and used according to soil types and crop types.For the compound fertilizer containing nitrate,do not use the compound fertilizer containing ammonium ion in the leaf vegetables and paddy fields,and do not use it on the saline alkali land;for the compound fertilizer containing potassium choride or choride ion.
There are two or more elements in the compound fertilizer.Ammonia surface application is easy to volatilize or rain water loss,and phosphorus and potassium are easy to be fixed  by the soil.Especially ,the mobility of phosphorus in the soil is small.When applied to the surface,it is not easy to be absorbed and utilized by the crop root system,and it is not conducive to deep root penetration.In case of drought,the fertilizer cannot be dissolved,and the fertilizer efficiency is worse.Therefore,the application of compound fertilizer shpuld avoid spreading on te surface as much as possible,and coveer the soil deeply.
Using compound fertilizer correctly will bring us good benefits.In addition,when choosing compound fertilizer,we should also pay attention to the nutrient conten,packaging and manufacturers to avoid being cheated.
Plats need not only nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium,but also calcium,magnesium and other elements.Compound fertilizer actually refers to fertilizer containing two more or more elements required by plants.Such as hydroxy calcium phosphate,ammonium nitrate,etc.When applying compound fertilizer to plants,we should pay attention to the growth period and species of plants,and apply compound fertilizer containing elements needed by plants,which is benefical to plant growth.If tthe compound fertilizer is applied too much,it will lead to the enrichment of some elements in plants,affect the growth of plants,and may also lead to the high concentration of liquid under the soil,resulting in the phenmenon of seeding burning.
Besides the npk fertilizer to be used in different field,organic fertilizer which can be produced in the organic fertilizer production line to finish the production process,also can be used in many fields.The combination of the compound fertilizer with the organic fertilizer using will produce more effect on the plant.
Using the fertilizer equipment to finish the production process will improve the working efficient,it also improve the usage rate of the raw materails.