How much does it cost to process chicken manure organic fertilizer?

Chicken manure is a good raw material of organic fertilizer. For small-scale farms, the organic fertilizer production process equipment of chicken manure can be used to treat chicken manure. A reasonable configuration of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line can process the stinking thick chicken manure into commercial organic fertilizer with regular particles and complete nutritional components, harmless treatment and comprehensive utilization, turning waste into treasure.

The pre-treatment should be different according to the raw materials, and different processes should be selected for different materials. The livestock manure organic fertilizer production line generally includes: raw material selection (livestock and poultry manure, etc.) fermentation and sterilization, ingredient mixing, granulation, cooling and screening, metering and sealing, and storage of finished products.

Chicken manure organic fertilizer production plant cost needs to consider the investment in plant, labor, raw materials and other aspects. It is recommended that customers first consider how much production of organic fertilizer they want to invest in, and then inform the manufacturer of the raw materials for processing and production. The technical personnel of Huaqiang heavy industry can design reasonable production line scheme and the configuration quotation of each equipment for customers in detail.