How many workers are needed for the production and processing of pig manure organic fertilizer

The production cost of pig manure organic fertilizer is low, easy to operate, fully automatic organic fertilizer production equipment, according to different seasons, weather and temperature, according to equipment needs to start the insulation device and oxygen supply system to create a suitable growth environment for bacteria, At the same time, aerobic fermentation has sufficient and fast fermentation heat. The fermentation cycle only needs 5-7 days. The fermentation process is not affected by seasonal weather, can run all day, and can be installed on the farm. Stool can be processed on the same day. The daily processing capacity is 360 cubic meters and the annual production capacity is 50,000 tons.

The powder configuration of the complete set of pig manure organic fertilizer production equipment only needs fermentation turning and polishing machine, pulverizer, mixer, screening machine and packaging machine to complete the production. This is a basic configuration, adding equipment according to the actual needs and requirements of customers. To make granular organic fertilizer, you need to add organic fertilizer granulator and other supporting equipment.
organic fertilizer production equipment
The entire organic fertilizer processing process does not require labor, but the initial feeding and final packaging require manual operations. If the pig manure fermentation process is required in the early stage, a person is also required to operate the stacker. In addition, the general production workshop will isolate the power system that controls the production line separately, so a dedicated electrician is required to be responsible for the opening and closing of the main valve. Therefore, the entire fertilizer production line needs at least 3 to 4 people to operate.