Granulation technology of fertilizer granulator

 Fertilizer granulator machine is to be designed for producing the fertilizer into granulator.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,there are many different type and series granulation method can be used to make organic fertilizer granulator or inorganic fertilizer granulator.The general method of producing the fertilizer granulator have the dry granulation and wet granulation.
1.Dry granulation of fertilizer
It mainly refers to products with relatively low moisture content of materials.Generally,the moisture content below 10% is a zero boundary value.(there are very few materials can reach 16%,for example,some materials only contain crystal water) most of the particles made by dry granulation are irregular particles(for example,common granular potash fertilizer) or,more commonly,small crushed stones with similar shapes.
The roller press granulator belongs to dry granulation,which does not need drying process,it has high granulation density,good fertilizer effect and full organic matter content;it also saves money on purchasing dryer and cooler,and does not need to burn coal in the later stage,so a large of money is saved.The roller press granulator machine is usually to be used in npk fertilizer manufacturing process to make npk,compound fertilizer.However,the extrusion granulator is oblate,which is easy to jam when the filed crop are sown by machine,and the fludity is not very good.Therefore,if the organic fertilizer produced by the machine,farmer is used carefully,it is suggested to selected the compound fertilizer and npk fertilizer.That's to say,it is the best choice to use the roller press granulator machine to make the fertilizer granulator in the granulation process.
Compared with wet granulation,dry granulation has the advantages of low energy consumption,environmental protection,no need to dry,no water and binder,so it will not change the material properties;this is also the advantages of dry granulation different from wet granulation.It is more suitable for industrial mass production.
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2.Wet fertilizer granulation
There are also many kinds of fertilizer equipment and methods in wet granulation for materials with water content above 20%.For example,disc granulation,screw granulation,these methods have been continued for many years.After increasing the use environment and processing requirements of different materials,they have made great progress.For example,in recent years,compared with the granulation of fire organic fertilizer,the particle size of these particles is more than 1mm-6mm,all of which are the above methods.
The conversion granulator is a process which has been used in the granulation of compound fertilizer,and it can also be used in the organic fertilizer production line,but the granulation rate is relatively low.If the production of organic-inorganic fertilizer,this process can be selected.
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