Advantages of organic fertilizer dryer

 The organic fertilizer equipment include many different type and series.The organic fertilizer dryer is mainly used to dry the water content of raw materials.The common raw materials are the excrement of chickens,pigs and sheep.When using the organic fertilizer dryer,the temperature of hot air shall be strictly controlled to avoid killing beneficial bacteria.
In the fertilizer manufacturing process,the dryer machine is usually to be equipped and to dry the granulator.Especially for the granulator to be produced by using the wet granulation method.What afvantages of the organic fertilizer dryer.
1.To meet the requirement of continuous of high efficiency ,the rotary dryer of organic fertilizer has high mechanization degree,large production capacity and continuous operation.And the internal structure is fine and simple,the material runs smoothly through the cylinder resistance,and the operation is convenient.
2.Meet diversified production needs
The well-known organic fertilizer dryer has a wide range of applications,which can dry powdery,granular,strip like materials,and has a large operation flexibility.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,the production of the product putput is allowed to fluctuate greatly without affecting the quality of the product.And can effectively meet the requirements of good uniformity of product drying,to ensure that each batch of production quality is excellent high effect.Therefore,the modern organic fertilizer dryer has the advantages of high drying temperature,high drying intensity and low cost.
organic fertilizer production line
In organic fertilizer production line,it is a good fertilizer equipment after making organic fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer granulator machine.The fertilizer machine manufacturers not only designed the fertilizer dryer machine to be used in organic fertilizer production line,somtimes,for some raw materials of producing the compound fertilizer by using the rotary drum granulator or disc granulator machine need to be dried,it is also to be equipped in npk fertilizer manufacturing process.
3.Less use failure,convenient maintenance
The modern organic fertilizer dryer has few faults,long severice life,low maintenance cost and low comprehensive power consumption.Moreover,it is easy to carry out the daily cleaning by means of the detachable comprehensive cleaning.Combined with the support of the manufacturer in the use service,it greatly reduces the use difficulty of the modern organic fertilizer dryer and provides the basic guarantee for the efficient use.