New type granulation machine and disc granulation machine for making organic fertilizer pellets

Any substance that can be applied to the soil or sprayed on the ground part of the crop, which can directly or indirectly supply nutrients for the crops, increase crop yield, improve product quality or improve soil properties, and fertilize the soil, is called fertilizer.

The organic fertilizer is main part of fertilizer, it is also called farmyard manure, it has a long history in the agricultural development and plays a major role in the agricultural process, China is a agricultural country, we pay a lot of attention on the organic fertilizer use, the most important of planting is the quality of the solid, the organic matter in the solid is the basis of soil fertility. So one of the most important things about using organic fertilizers is to increase the amount of organic matter in the soil. Organic fertilizers have important effects on soil structure, nutrients, energy, enzymes, moisture, aeration and microbial activity.

When in agricultural activities, farmers often choose to use the granular fertilizer. It’s easy to apply and store. Our factory manufactures some types of granulating machine used to make fertilizer pellets. Now let’s introduce our new type organic fertilizer granulator and disc granulator for you.

First,the new organic fertilizer granulator, it’s typically used for the organic materials granulation, such as agricultural waste, livestock manure and household garbage etc. the moisture can be up to 30-40%,the granulation rate is high, and organic matter remains much, also the raw materials can be granulated into pellets directly without being dried first after being crushed.

Second, the disc granulator, it’s also commonly use in the organic fertilizer production. Simple structure, capacity can be from low to high, the operation is easy, final pellets are round and beautiful and the granulation rate is up to 90%. So it’s deeply like by’s also called pan granulator.