The function of dewatering machine for organic fertilizer production

  The development of modern livestock and poultry breeding industry and the rise of industrialized intensive farming have enriched people's material needs, but also brought about the flooding of livestock and poultry sewage, causing pollution to water, air and environment. The manure dewatering machine is an environmental protection device for the dehydration of manure and feces in livestock farms. It can separate the raw manure sewage of pig manure and other livestock manure into liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer. The liquid organic fertilizer can be used for the absorption and utilization of crops, and the solid organic fertilizer can be transported to the lack of fertilizer area, and can also play the role of improving the soil structure, and can be made into an organic fertilizer through fermentation. The raw manure water is sent to the dewatering machine by the matched submerged pump, and the solid material (dry manure) is squeezed out through the stainless steel screw shaft placed in the screen, and the liquid flows out from the liquid outlet through the screen.

  The dewatering machine can be widely used for dewatering of high humidity residue before drying, such as sludge, drug residue, livestock and poultry excrement, etc., which can remove about 30% water in the material, greatly reduce the burden of the dryer, greatly increase the output and greatly reduce the energy consumption. It is the necessary process equipment before the drying of high humidity materials. The material after dewatering can directly enter the drying equipment, greatly reducing the energy consumption of drying.
  The machine divides all kinds of livestock waste water into liquid organic fertilizer and solid state organic fertilizer. The liquid organic fertilizer can be used directly for the utilization and absorption of the crops. The solid organic fertilizer can be used in the area of the lack of fertilizer, and it can also improve the soil structure. At the same time, the organic and inorganic compound fertilizer can be made through fermentation.

The machine has the features of reasonable structure, small size, low speed, high efficiency, low moisture content, uniform dewatering, continuous operation, high automation, energy saving, convenient maintenance and so on.