The fertilizer effect with the fertilizer equipment

 The fertilizer to be produced by using the fertilizer equipment and fertilizer manufacturing technology.The fertilizer effect is remarkeable on the farming.There are all types of raw materails can be used to produce the organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer.And all types of fertilizer production line to be designed for producing fertilizer.
Using chicken manure,pig manure,cow manure,ssludge,straw,plant ash and other wastes as raw materials,because of the complexity of various raw materials,the ntrient content is different.The organic matter,nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium nutrient content of various animal manure are also different.For example,when the raw materials such as crop straw are mainly fermented,about 20% of the animal manure can be added,and when the animal manure is mainly used as the raw materials,about 20% of the straw powder can be added.The fermentation method is the same as above.If the raw material with higher acidity is used for fermentation,1-3% lime powder should be added during fermentation to adjust the ph to netural.The organic fertilizer fermented by this method is suitable for various crops and soils.It can be used  for its own use or processed into commerical fertilizer for sale.
organic fertilizer production line
In the fertilizer manufacturing process,when producing the organic fertilizer,the fertilizer equipment are equipped with different type and series.We can choose the suitable fertilizer machine to produce the fertilizer granulator.
The organic fertilizer after fermentation was used as the carrier.The bio organic fertilizer processed by adding probiotics refers to a specific organic fertilizer containing fermenting microorganisms beneficial to crop growth,which has the effect of microbial fertilizer.It is applied to agricultural production and it has significant effect of increasing production.This kind of fertilizer is easy to make.For example,use 1000 kg of dry-based organic fertilizer after fermentation,add 1.5%-15% probiotics,fully mix,turn over and mix,and process into bio organic fertilizer with bacteria content ≥ 0.2 billion to ≥ 0.2 billion / g.
Bio organic fertilizer which to be produced by the biofertilizer production line,is a kind of complete fertilizer,which is rich in organic matter.It not only contains a lot of elements such as  nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium,but also contains trace elements such as calcium,magnesium,sulfur,iron,manganese,zinc,copper,boron,molybdenum and chlorine.Functional bacteria in bio organic fertilizer can not only  decompose mineral phosphorus in the soil,but also decompose mineral potassium in the soil,releasing a variety of nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium.It can provide continuous nutrition for crops.From the perspective of application effect for many years,the fertilizer effect of bio organic fertilizer has achieved remarkable effect in various crops.