Advantages of microbial fertilizer

 The microbial fertilizer which it also can be produced in the fertilizer manufacturing process,as a new type organic fertilizer which can be produced by using the biofertilizer production line,the price of microbial fertilizer is much higher than that of fertilizer and organic fertilizer.But even so,alomost anyone who has used microbial fertilizer will choose to buy it again.What;s the reason?
1.Deterioration of soil environment:
The long term use of single fertilizer has resulted in the deterioriation of the soil environment.The deterioration of soil will affect the ability of reproduction and metabolism benefical microorganisms,even lead to death.And some harmful microorganisms will take the opportunity to multiply in large numbers,invade the root of the plant,and then spread to the whole plant.Because crops grow in the soil,there are problems in the soil,which will also have a great impact on crops.Most plants are suitable for micro acid and microalkali environment.However,the existence of a large number of acid ions makes the root system unable to absorb and secrete substances normally,resulting in the root nutrition can not keep up,affecting the growth of the whole plant.
The utilization rate of fertilizer decreased.The long term use of chemical fertilizer which this type fertilizer to be produced in npk fertilizer manufacturing process,results in the deposition of a large number of phosphorus,potassium and other elements in the soil.If the fertilizer is applied again,it will not be adsorbed by the soil,but will leach away along the water,causing the acidification of the soil environment.
2.Deterioration of rhizosphere microbial environment
Rhizosphere refers to the part of micro soil area which is different from soil in physical,chemical and biological properties due to the influence of plant root activity.And the difference with soil is PH value,microbial activity change and so on.Rhizosphere microorganism refers to the microorganisms that grows and propagates in the soil area driectly affected by plant roots.It can transform organic matter into organic matter and provide nourishment for plants;at the same time,it can also secrete vitamins,etc.nd promote plant growth.
The increase of acid iron concentration in soil will affect the change of micro ecological environment of roots,worsen the living environment of microorganisms,decrease the ability of decomposing organic matter and secretory,make roots malnourished and afect the growth of plants.
The picture of npk fertilizer production line and organic fertilizer production line to be designed:
npk fertilizer manufacturing processorganic fertilizer production line
3.Advantages of microbial fertilizer:
Microbial fertilizer is a kind of product with specific fertilizer effect caused by the life activities of microorganisms.It has many functions that other fertilizers not have:
1)Improve soil fertility:nitrogen fixing microorganisms can increase the source of nitrogen in the soil;phosphorus and potassium dissolving microorganisms can decompose the insoluble phosphorus in the soil for crop absorption and utilization.Morever,the application of bacterial fertilizer can rapidly propagate and form a strong benefical flora,fundamentally improve the ecological structure of the soil,and make the hardened soil loose and permeable.
2)Enhance the disease resistance and strees resistance of crops:the growth and propagation of benefical microorganisms in the fertilizer can form the dominant population in the rhizsphere soil micro ecosystem of crops and inhabit the growth and propagation of other harmful microorganisms;the metanolites of benefical microorganisms can stimulate the growth of crops and improve the ability of crops to resist the adverse environment;the strains in the fertilizer can induce the production of superoxide dismutase and remove the adverse factors free radicales produced by environment can improve the stress resistance of crops and reduce diseases.
3)Improve the eco organic quality of crops.Microbial fertilizer can stimulate the fixed potassium,calcium,zinc and other micronutrients in the soil,and produce several plant elements,stimulate and regulate crop growth,improve crop quality,taste better,keep fresh for a long time,and be more resistant to storage.
Whatever microbial fertilizer or organic fertilizer all can be produced by the fertilizer equipment,designing all types of fertilizer production line to produce all types of fertilizer.As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturer we are not only produce the organic fertilizer machine or npk,compound fertilizer machine,we also can design different type fertilizer production line to produce all types of fertilizer granulator.For example,the biofertilizer production line to be designed for producing the bio organic fertilizer granulator.