Why to ferment the raw material before making fertilizer?

In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,it is the first step to ferment the raw material using the fermentation compost turner machine.But why we need to ferment the raw material when producing the organic fertilizer granulator?Today,the purpose of this article will share the reason.
There are many problems with unfertilized farmyard manure in fertilizer manufacturing process:
1. Unfertilized farmyard manure often contains a large number of pathogens, which can easily cause pests and diseases of fruit trees, and also pollute the environment.
2. The nutrients of the unfertilized farmyard manure are mostly organic, and it is not easy to absorb the fruit trees, which will cause the fertilizer to be lost.
3. When the farmer's fertilizer is decomposed and fermented by microorganisms in the soil, it will generate a lot of heat and easily burn the capillary roots of the fruit trees.
4. Farmhouse fertilizers will absorb a large amount of nitrogen during microbial decomposition and fermentation in the soil, causing short-term nitrogen deficiency in fruit trees.
5. The process of microbial decomposition and fermentation in the soil requires a process that causes the fertilizer efficiency to lag, which is difficult to be consistent with the growth rhythm of the fruit trees and the fertilizer-requiring period, and can not achieve the purpose of fertilization or even cause adverse effects.

It is important of the fermentation technology in the bio fertilizer production or the organic fertilizer production.So we need to ferment the raw material before producing.For making the raw material fermented uniformlly,the fertilizer machine manufacturers designed the fermentation compost turner machines ,which are different type for fermenting the raw material.