Cow manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process

Cow manure is a good source of organic fertilizer.It is rich in organic matter,nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and other trace elements,which are essential nutrients for plants,as various bioligical enzymes and microorganisms.After the cow manure is made into fertilizer,it plays an irreplaceable role of chemical fertilizer,which is benefical to improve the organic matter and fertility of the soil and improve the soil structure.However,if the unfertilized manure is directly applied to the farmland,it is extremely harmful.It consumes oxygen in the rhizosphere soil of the crop and produces harmful substances of the pathogen.Therefore,the cow manure must be stabilized and harmless after composting.After composting cow dung ,the manure can be processed into powdered organic fertilizer by using the fertilizer manufacturing process.The cow manure can be processed into powder organic fertilizer or organic fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer granulator machine.
For producing the high quality fertilizer organic fertilizer granulator,the fertilizer machine manufacturers designed a new fertilizer production line to produce the organic fertilizer granulator,which is called the organic fertilizer manufacturing.Because the organic fertilizer manufacturing process is a little complex compared to npk fertilizer production,so in the line it is equipped with many fertilizer machines.The main purpose of using cow manure to produce organic fertilizer is as follows:Firstly,stabilization,the organic matter in cow manure is degraded by centralized aerobic composting  scale treatment,and the purpose of stabilization is achieved.The second is to resourceize and realize the recyling of cow dung and turn waste into treasure.The third is industrialization.Through the large-scale and mechanized production of organic fertilizers,the materials after composting the cow manure are further processed into powder or granular organic fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer manufacturing process video