Introduction to the characteristics of organic fertilizer

The organic fertilizer production line is designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator.In the organic fetilzer production process,it is equipped with different type fertilizer equipment to finish the production process.And there,we introduce the characteristics of organic fertilizer.
In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,organic fertilizer can be divided into powder organic fertilizer and granular organic fertilizer.
Among them,the technology of powdered organic fertilizer is relatively simple:
1.Check the ingredients of your raw materials(such as plant ash,furfural residue,humic acid,etc.)to know that the accurate nutrient composition and proportion of each raw material play an important role in the production of organic fertilizer;
2.The general production process of organic fertilizer requires that the content of nitrogen,phosphorus,organic fertilizer granulator or disk granulator or roller press granulator.The organic fertilizer manufacturing process requires that the content of nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium is more than 4% and the content of organic matter is more than 30%.Thus,the organic fertilizer can be mixed,crushed and packaged.
In addition,organic fertilizer granular requires the using of the fertilizer equioment,such as rotary drum granulator,organic fertilizer granulator,disc granulator or roller press granulator.The production of organic fertilizer requires that the raw materials are basically the same as the powder fertilizer,but after the binder(bentonite or attapugite)is added,the finished particles need to be dried by the rotary dryer.
organic fertilizer production line
There is also a kind of organic fertilizer,with livestock manure,domestic garbage and plant straw as the main raw materials.The production process of this organic fertilizer is roughly as follows:raw material drying,crushing,fermentation,mixing (mixing with chemical fertilizer and other organic or inorganic substances,making the content of nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium)granulating(or not granulating,powdery) then packaging.
If the raw materia is humic acid or peat,there is no fermentation in the production process of this organic fertilizer,and it is unnecessary to ferment.The other steps are the same as above.
As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturer ,we are mainly produce all type of fertilizer equipment to finish the fertilizer production process.We are mainly products are not only included the fertilizer granulator machine,we also can supply different type fertilizer production line.