What advantages of the bb fertilizer?

 Why we use the bb fertilizer?Why we design the bb fertilizer production and why we use the fertilizer manufacturing process to make the bb fertilizer?Answer there share with you.
Advantages of the bb fertilizer production:
Firstly,it uses the single bag mixing method,which is easy to control the material of each bag,and the mixing uniformity is high.
Secondly,the spiral section of the mixing section is reasonable and unique,and the mixing is uniform,the speed of material entry and exit is fast.
Thirdly,Computer automatic batching,mixing and packing have melted into the production line.The method of twisting cage feeding is adopted,and it with small floor space,less labor and less investment.
Finally,the whole equipment is made of stainless steel,it has the corrosion resistances and long severice life.
Well,the bb fertilizer production line is not equipped with the fertilizer granulator machine,because the bb fertilizer is also a kind of compound fertilizer,we did not make it into the granulator.In the most of the fertilizer,we may choose to make them into the granulator to make them can get the most fertilizer effect.But the bb fertilizer is to be made into powder can produce the best fertilizer effect for the plant.
bb fertilizer production line
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