How To Increase The Organic Matter In Soil?

 Soil organic matter refers to organic compounds in soil, including carbon compounds, lignin, proteins, resins, waxes and so on. Organic matter is degrated in the production of organic fertilizer. In the whole organic fertilizer production line, compost process and granulationg process are the essential parts, in the compost fermentation process, microorganisms can ferment the organic materials into organic matter, humus and other nutrients, such as, plant, animal and microbial residue, excreta and secretion, waste water and residue. 
The advantages of organic matter from the organic fertilizer:
Soil organic matter contains various nutrients required by plant growth and development, and is also an important source of phosphorus, sulfur, calcium, magnesium and trace elements in soil. And more and more organic fertilizer equipments like new type organic fertilizer production line and bio-fertilizer production line are used to produce these high-quality fertilizers for market and planting.
 1.Promote the growth and development of crops.
  Humic acid in organic matter can enhance plant respiration, improve the permeability of cell membrane, enhance the absorption of nutrients, and at the same time vitamins and some hormones in organic matter can promote the growth and development of plants.
how to increase soil organic matter
 2. Improve soil structure.
Humus in organic matter is the main cementing agent of soil aggregates. On the one hand, it can reduce the viscosity of sticky soil, reduce the resistance of cultivation and improve the quality of cultivation.On the other hand, it can improve the agglomeration of sandy soil and improve its excessively loose state.
3. Improve the ability of soil water and fertilizer conservation.
Organic colloids in soil organic matter have strong adsorption capacity, which can improve the ability of soil to retain fertilizer and store water, and also improve the soil's buffer against acid and alkali.
4. Promote the activity of soil microorganisms.
Soil organic matter from the organic fertilizer provides the energy and nutrient required by soil microorganisms and is conducive to microbial activity.The energy and nutrients required by the life activities of soil microorganisms are directly and indirectly derived from soil organic matter. Moreover, humus can regulate the acid-base reaction of soil, promote the improvement of physical properties such as soil structure, and make it conducive to the activities of microorganisms. Soil microbial biomass increases with the increase of soil organic matter mass fraction, However, due to the low mineralization rate of soil organic matter, it does not have a rapid stimulation effect on microorganisms like fresh plant residue, but provides energy to microorganisms for a long time.
5. Increase soil temperature.
Organic matter from the organic fertilizer is dark color material, it is brown to black brown commonly, heat absorption ability is strong, can raise ground temperature and improve soil thermal condition.
6. Improve soil nutrition.
 Humus in organic matter and n p k compound fertilizer have  complexation, which can form complexes or chelates with phosphorus, iron and aluminum ions, avoid the precipitation of insoluble phosphate and increase the amount of effective nutrients.
7. Promote the physiological activity of plants
  Humic acid can promote the physiological activity of plants at a certain concentration. 
(1) the dilute solution of humate can change the carbohydrate metabolism in plants, promote the accumulation of reducing sugars and increase the osmotic pressure of cells, thus enhancing the drought resistance of crops.
 (2) increase the activity of peroxygenase, accelerate the seed germination and nutrient absorption, and thus increase the growth rate. 
(3) it can strengthen the respiration of crops and increase the permeability of cell membrane, thus improving its ability to absorb nutrients, accelerating cell division and enhancing root development.
Reduce pollution of pesticides and heavy metals
  Humus in the organic fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer production line helps to eliminate pesticide residues and heavy metal pollution in soil as well as the toxicity of Al, Mn and Fe in acidic medium. In particular, brown saproic acid can increase the solubility of some pesticides, such as DDT and triazobenzene, etc. remaining in soil, accelerate their leaching out of soil, and reduce pollution and toxicity. Humic acid can also be complexated with some metal ions. Due to the water-solubility of the complex, toxic metal ions are likely to be discharged from soil with water, reducing the damage to crops and pollution to soil.

How to increase the organic matter ?
Human and animal manure are good source of organic fertilizer. With the increasing of large quantity demands from agricultural and economic crops and wide application of organic fertilizer production technology, more and more organic fertilizer equipments like new type organic fertilizer production line and bio-fertilizer production line are used to produce thses high-quality fertilzers for market and planting, the commercial production of organic fertilizer has spread to every corner of the production.
 Choose ripe and good-quality organic fertilizer is a direct and effective way to increase soil organic matter. These organic fertilizer is produced by the professional organic fertilizer production line. Take the livestock and poultre manure, or crops as the raw materials, through the biological compost fermentation process, thses raw materials are decomposed into organic matter, humus and npk elements and other nutrients. The fermented powder fertilizer through the crushing, granulation, drying, cooling, screening, packing into the high-quality granules products.
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