Windrow compost turner machine

 In last artricle,we share the fermentation compost turner machine with simple compost turner machine,and today,we share more about the windrow compost turner machine.What differences of the simple compost turner machine with the windrow compost turner machine?
Firstly,the windrow compost turner machine is the same as the simple compost turner machine,the two machine are also be used to ferment the raw material in organic fertilizer manfuacturing process.This compost turner machine is a new product exclusively owned by our company in the market.The machine without steering wheel,the driver only needs to control two bars,turning it to the left or right about 180 degrees.The height of the mechanical shaft of the compost can be automatically lifted.According to the moisture content of the material,the fertilizer pile can rotate at high speed.The windrow compost turner machine adopts soft start clutch(domestic similar products are used for iron hard clutch,causing serious damage to chains,nearings and shafts).The hydraulic push plate is equipped with no manural time to stack the raw materials.The drum type hydraulic lifting can greatly save space,time,diesel and manpower and shorted the fermentation cycle.
The usages and features:The windrow compost turner machine is used for stacking type fermenting technology in the ground.It is a special machine for turning,breaking,supplying oxygen and pilling up materials.The machine can be set the running speed of the wheel and turning axis according to the nature of the material,and get the right yield and quality.And the power is vertical water-cooler diesel engine with sufficient power,high efficiency and low fuel consumption.Then the turning direction is in the direction of pull bar,and the turning is flexible,small area and the convent operation.
The machine are designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers to be equipped in the fertilizer production line to ferment the raw material uniformally.The series fermentation compost turner machine can be divided into different type,but the common of these machines are the same that fermenting the raw material and then making the organic fertilizer granulator.
fermentation compost turner machine