Precautions for the use of organic fertilizer

 Commerical organic fertilizer to be produced by using different type and series fertilizer equipment and fertilizer production line.There are some precautions for the use of organic fertilizer.
Commerical organic fertilizer can be produced by using organic fertilizer production line to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.The commerical organic fertilizer do not use low-quality organic fertilizer with municipal waste and sludge as raw materials,or with heavy metals exceeding the standard and without high temperature or harmless treatment.
Manure:It must be applied after fermentation and ripening,and it should be applied selectively according to the soil quality.For example,in cohesive soil,manure with high organic matter content and low mineral element content,such as sheep manure and cattle manure,should be applied.
organic fertilizer production line
Using the manure it should also be rotten.Fresh manure contains cellulose and lignin that are difficult to decompose.Carbon and nitrogen are relatively large,and most of nitrogen is organic.If fresh manure is used directly,it will compete with crops for fertilizer because of the absorption of soil nutrients and water in the process of microbial decomposition.When fermenting the manure,the fermentation compost turner machine is the factor equipment to finish the fermenting process.In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process or biofertilizer production process,sometimes fermentating the raw materials using the fermentation compost turner machine is simplify the process of the nature fermenting and save more time to make organic fertillizer.
Green manure:mainly pay attention to the variety characteristics,sowing time,rolling period,etc.of green manure.Another point is that green manure needs to be properly applied to achieve the effect of small manure and large manure.
Cake fertilizer:it can only be used when it is used as top dressing.When it is applied directly,the cake fertilizer shall be fully crushed and then put into the ditch,and slightly separated from the root system,so as to avoid the root system from being burned heat during fermentation.
In addition,the application,the application of organic fertilizer should also pay attention to the use of inorganic fertilizer,biological bacterial fertilizer etc,to meet the nutritional needs of crops.When making fertilizer,more different type and series fertilizer equipment to be used and equipped in fertilizer manufacturing process.