The significance of organic fertilizer application

  With the strengthening of the country's economic strength, the state pays more attention to environmental governance and the utilization of organic waste, invests a lot of money, and establishes many organic fertilizer plants in the process of utilizing organic waste, not only to control the environment, but also to turn waste into treasure, increase the supply of organic fertilizer. The recycling of waste provides a broad field for the development of organic fertilizers, integrating agricultural production with industry, agricultural product processing and urban construction, and improving the utilization rate of materials.

  There are many kinds of organic fertilizers, and the processing materials are very wide, and the nature of fertilizers varies widely. However, from the perspective of fertilizer, it plays a major role in agricultural production in the following aspects:
1. Provide the nutrients needed for crop growth. The nutrients in the organic fertilizer are comprehensive and released evenly for a long time. It contains not only the 16 nutrients necessary for crop growth. It also contains other elements that are good for crop growth and can promote crop growth.
2. Improve soil structure and enhance soil fertility. It can improve soil organic matter content and update soil humus composition, at the same time, it also can improve soil physical properties and increase soil fertility and water retention capacity.
3. Improve soil biological activity and stimulate crop growth. Organic fertilizer is the main source of energy and nutrients in the number of microorganisms. The application of organic fertilizers is beneficial to soil microbial activities and promotes crop growth and development. A small amount of vitamins and plant hormones can have a huge impact on the growth and development of crops.
4 improve the detoxification effect and purify the soil environment. Why use organic fertilizer? An organic fertilizer has a detoxifying effect. For example, after adding organic manure such as chicken manure or sheep manure, the toxicity of toxic substances in the soil to the crop can be greatly reduced or disappeared. The reason for the detoxification of organic fertilizers is that organic fertilizers can improve soil yang. At the same time, the intermediate products of organic matter decomposition and cadmium chelate to form stable complexes and detoxify. The toxic soluble complex can be oozing or discharging farmland, and then improve soil self-purification ability. Organic fertilizers generally also reduce the supply of lead and increase the fixation of arsenic. 

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