The function of bio organic fertilizer

The bio organic fertilizer production is to be designed and used to produce the bioorganic fertilizer. In the line, it is to be equipped with different type and series fertilizer equipment to finish the production process. What function of the bio organic fertilizer?
In the fertilizer manufacturing process of breeding, the treatment of manure has always been a problem for many farmers. With the development of modern animal husbandary, many farmers have purchased organic fertilizer equipment to deal with livestock manure,so we know what the role of manure organic fertilizer? What detailes need to be paid attention to when applying it?
The function of bio organic fertilizer:
1.Improve soil structure and fertility

(1)We should all know that the fertility of the soil limited.After long-time cultivation of the land,the fertility of the soil will decline.Because of the characteristics of the raw materials,the organic fertilizer will increase the fertility of the soil and increase the fertility.

(2)The long-term cultivated soil will harden because of the predatory farming method and the use of a large number of chemical fertilizers,making the soil permeability extremely low.The organic fertilizer will greatly improve this situation,make the soil loose and air permeable,which is conducive to the early germination of plant seeds and the growth of roots.

biofertilizer production

2.Adjust the acidity of the soil.

(1)In the past, in thebio organic fertilizer production, in many places live to use simple fertilizer, especially ure, with a high utilization rate. However, the soil with a large amount of urea throughtout the year will harden and affect the ph value of the soil,which is the ph value.

(2)Generally, the ph value required for normal growth and development of plant ranges from 6.0 to 7.5.Too alkali or too acid will affect the growth and development of plants.Organic fertilizer through the physical and chemical effects of soil organic acids produced by microbial decomposition, will reduce the ph value of soil and create a suitable growth environment for plants.