Sheep manure organic fertilizer production line

Producing the organic fertilizer using the organic fertilizer production line is more convenient and higher efficient,The raw materials can be the cow manure,chicken manure and other type animal manure which contains organic matters.The sheep manure organic fertilizer production line is also to be designed for producing the organic fertilizer.
Sheep manure is the most nutrition organci fertilizer material in livestock manure,its organic matter content is close to 30%,and the content of nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium is superior to other manure.Sheep manure is dense in quality and rich in fertilizer,so the organic fertilizer produced by sheep manure as raw material also stands out in the organic manure family.The complete set of organic fertilizer equipment produced by our company makes the treatment of sheep manure simple and easy.Through a series of processing,the manure which is eawsy to cause environmental pollution will eventually become a high-quality fertilizer to improve the soil structure and facilitate the growth of crops.
Like other livestock manure,sheep manure needs to be fermented at the intial stage.This is due to the large volume of fresh wet manure,low quality and fertilizer efficiency,and the weeds seeds,parasite eggs and pathogenic bacteria are harmful to human and animal environmental and crops.In the fertilizer manufacturing process of fermentation,due to the aerobic degradation of organic matter,the temperature of sheep manure continues to rise until it matures.This process is enough to kill most microorganisms,parasite eggs and weed seeds,so that it will not have a negative impact on crops when used.It is also possible to add crushed auxiliary materials in proportion during fermentation to further improve the quality of fertilizer,such as straw powder,rice bran powder,mushroom bran and ther agricultural waste materials and biological strains,adjust the waste content,ventilation,carbon nitrogen ratio,and remove impurities,and repeatedly toss them in the fermentation tank through the dumper to make them ferment for a certain period of time at the specified temperature,so as to achieve the standard of organic fertilizer production.
organic fertilizer production line
After being crushed by the organic fertilizer crusher, the raw materials that meet the standard can be added with other auxiliary materials and then be stirred, screened and packaged for sale as powdered organic fertilizer, but they are mostly processed into granular organic fertilizer and sold after being metered and packaged. All in all, sheep manure organic fertilizer will be more popular in the market with its high efficiency.
The sheep manure not only can be made into organic fertilizer,it also can be made into biofertilizer in the biofertilizer production line.