The introduction of ring die granulator

 Diferent fertilizer granulator machine model arre designed by the engineers,and in last article,we share the information with you about the new type organic fertilizer granulator.We have known that new type organic fertilizer granulator is equipped in the organic fertilizer granulator.And in this article,we share the ring die granulator machine with you.

The introduction of the ring die granulator:The machine is usually to be used in bio fertilizer production or organic fertilizer production line to make bio organic fertilizer granulator or organic fertilizer granulator.On the basis of the all kinds of granulating machines in China and abroad,our engineerrthrough repeated research,improvement and meticulous manufacture,the machine adopts gear belt drive to get higher production efficiency,and theoutput is at least 15% higher than the traditional granulation machine.It is mainly used in bio organic fertilizer production line ,compound,npk fertilizer production and feeding industry.The surface of the finished product is smooth,the hardness is moderate,the remperature rises in processing  is low and can keep the nutrients inside the raw material.
The machine is equipped in the fertilizer production line and producing the bio organic fertilizer granulator and organic fertilzier ganulator.Using the fertilizer manufacturing process to make the fertilizer granualtor can improve the fertilizer producing efficient and yield.
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