Relationship between organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer

 Now the fertilizer equipment are produced and used in the fertilizer producing industries.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,it is used to different type fertilizer equipment to produce the organic or chemical fertilizer.But what relationship between organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer?There in this article,we share the relationship of the organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer.
organic fertilizer production line

The most prominent feature of organic fertilizer is that it can increase and supplement soil organic matter.The organic matter in the soil can significantly improve the physical and properties of the soil,make the soil arable better,enhance the ability of water infiltration,improve the ability of water storage,fertilizer conservation,fertilizer supply,drought and waterlogging control,and increase the yield significantly,which is irreplaceable by chemical fertilizer.Improve the soil fertility.95% microelements in soil can not be directly absorbed and utilized by plants.Organic fertilizer contains a large number of organic acids,which ca quickly dissolve the trace elements such as calcium,mgnesium,sulfur,copper,zinc,iron,boron,molybdenum and other mineral elements necessary for plants,and become thee nutrient elements that can be directly absorbed and utilized by plants,greatly increasing the fertilizer supply capacity of the soil.
Improve the soil quality and promote the reproduction of soil microorganism
Organic fertilizer which is produced by the organic fertilizer production line,can make the microorganisms in the soil multiply,especially many benefical microorganisms,which can decompose the organic matter in the soil,increase the aggregate structure of the soil,and improve the soil composition.The propagation speed of microorganisms in the soil is very fast.The activity of microorganism ot only increase the permeability of the soil,but also makes the soil become fluffy and soft.The nutrient and water are not easy to lose,which increase the capacity of soil water and fertilizer storage,and avoids and eliminates the hardening of the soil.
1.Provide comprehensive nutrition of crops and protect the roots and stems of crops.The CO2 release from the decomposition of organic fertilizer can be used as the material of photosynthesis.Organic fertilizer also contains 5% of nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium.Organic matter45%,which can provide comprehensive nutrition for crops.
At the same time,it has to be mentioned that organic fertilizer decomposes in the soil,it can transform into various humic acid,which is a kind of high molecular material,it has a good complexation adsorption performance,has a good complexation adsorption effect on heavy metal ions,it can effectively reduce the toxicity of heavy metal ions,prevent them from entering the plants,and protect the roots and stems of humic acid sustances.
2.Enhance the resiatance to disease,drought and waterlogging of crops
Organic fertilizer contain vitamins,antibioics,etc,which can enhance crop resistance,reduce or prevent disease.When organic fertilizer is applied to the soil,it can enhance the water holding capacity of the soil and the drought resistance capacity of the crops in the case of drought.At the same time,organic fertilizer can also make the soil loose,improve the ecological environment of crop roots,promote the growth of roots,enhance root activity,improve crop waterlogging tolerance,reduce plant mortality,and improve the survival rate of agricultural products.
Increase crop yield
The benefical microorganisms in organic fertilizer use the organic matter in soil to produce secondary metabolites,which contain a lot of growth promoting substances.For example,auxin can promote plant elongation and growth,abscisic acid can promote fruit ripening,gibberellin can promote flowering and fruit setting,increasing the number of flowers and the rate of fruit preservation,increase the yield,make the fruit full,bright and tender,and can be lsted earlier to increase production and income.
What's more,we can use the npk fertilizer production line to produce the npk,compound fertilizer granulator.And we can use the organic fertilizer together with the npk,compound fertilizer.In this two types fertilizer,when mixing them together,it will make the biggest effect.We are as the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are not only produce the fertilizer machines,and we are also design the different type fertilizer production lines.And in the different type fertilizer production lines it is equipped with different type fertilizer machines.For example,in the bio fertilizer production line,we are equipped witht the fertilizer granulator machine to make the fertilizer into granulator.More other type fertilizer production lines are also designed for different type fertilizer producing.