Production sequence of bio organic fertilizer production line

The composting raw materials of bio organic fertilizer production line are transported to the storage yard, weighed by the scale, and then sent to the mixing and mixing device to mix with the production and living organic wastewater in the plant. The compound bacteria are added, and the moisture and carbon nitrogen ratio of the compost are roughly adjusted according to the ingredients of the raw materials, and the next process is started after mixing.

In the bio organic fertilizer production line, the mixed raw materials are sent into the primary fermentation tank by loader and piled into fermentation pile. The fan is used to force ventilation from the bottom of the fermentation tank to supply oxygen. At the same time, the compost is turned over in about 2 days, and the water (mainly organic wastewater from production and living in the factory) and nutrients are supplemented. The fermentation temperature is controlled at 500c-650c for aerobic fermentation.
Production sequence of bio organic fertilizer production line
The fermentation cycle is 8 days, each day into a pool of raw materials out of a pool of semi-finished products, after the fermentation of semi-finished products, further screening of the compost products, screening the residue according to the moisture content. After granulation of fertilizer granulator machine, the screened residue is sent to the dryer heated by biogas digester for drying. After adding medium and trace elements in proportion, the mixture is mixed to make finished products, which are packed separately and put into storage for sale. The residue on the screen is returned to the crushing process for reuse.