Production and application of organic fertilizer production line in agriculture

The use of organic fertilizer production line equipment can effectively solve the environmental pollution caused by organic waste in livestock and poultry breeding and other industries, reduce the eutrophication of surface waters caused by pollution, and help improve the safety and quality of agricultural products and provide green food for humans. And organic food has laid a good foundation, and the ecological and environmental benefits are extremely significant.
Production and application of organic fertilizer production line in agriculture
The equipment of the organic fertilizer production line is composed of a fermentation dumper, an organic fertilizer grinder, an organic fertilizer granulator, a dryer, a cooler, a screening machine, and a packaging machine. The overall layout is compact, the design process is reasonable, and the advantages of energy saving and consumption reduction It has all of them, and it is environmentally friendly and has no three wastes. It can produce a variety of concentrations and types of organic fertilizers. It is a recommended product for investment by many fertilizer manufacturers.

Organic fertilizer production line equipment converts crop wastes and breeding wastes, such as straw, corn cobs, distiller's grains, chicken manure, pig manure and other livestock and poultry manures and other wastes containing organic matter, into organic fertilizer containing a large number of microbial strains through fermentation . The microbial strains in the finished organic fertilizer can improve the soil structure, increase the soil organic matter content, and use chemical fertilizers and compound fertilizers to greatly increase crop yields.