Processing technology of livestock manure organic fertilizer production line and classification of organic fertilizer granulation equipment

Processing process flow of livestock manure organic fertilizer production line: raw material treatment harmless treatment mixed batching granulation cooling screening metering and sealing finished product warehousing.

Among them: raw material treatment, i.e. water and fertilizer separation for individual fecal sewage with high moisture content; Harmless treatment, i.e. adding fermentation bacteria to the fecal sewage, killing harmful bacteria and insect eggs in the fecal sewage through high-temperature fermentation, and completely decomposing the fertilizer; Mixed ingredients, that is, according to the local soil structure, add relevant materials to improve the fertility of animal manure, such as humic acid, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, so as to improve the fertility and adaptability of organic fertilizer; Granulation refers to the crushing, mixing and granulation of organic fertilizer according to the use requirements of organic fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer granulation equipment: the traditional granulation method is extrusion granulation, including roll granulation and pellet granulation. Extrusion granulation is simple and practical. The fermented compost can directly enter the granulator to extrude into cylindrical particles after mixing water to a moisture content of 20% ~ 30%. However, the mold cost of the extrusion granulator is high, and the fertilizer particles produced are not liked by farmers, so mechanized fertilization cannot be realized; Disc granulation or drum granulation is the principle of pellet method. In the production process of inorganic compound fertilizer, this granulation method is very common and practical. However, for organic fertilizer, because the moisture content of organic compost after fermentation is generally about 30%, the compost material has coarse particle size, more fiber and more agglomeration, it is difficult to agglomerate into particles when disc or drum granulation method is adopted. The equipment of extrusion granulator, counter roll granulator and disc granulator are relatively small, with low production capacity and relatively cheap price, generally ranging from 30000 to 50000 yuan; The drum granulator has a large volume, generally about 10 m long, large capacity, the smallest can reach 3 T • H-1, and the price is relatively expensive, generally about 100000 yuan.

After the pretreated livestock manure enters the organic fertilizer stirring and fermentation device for fermentation, an appropriate amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements are added according to a certain proportion to make the trace elements meet the organic fertilizer production standard, and then the livestock manure is processed into high fertilizer efficiency, convenient transportation and Use safe and affordable organic fertilizers.