Price of organic fertilizer equipment production line

The development of the organic fertilizer industry is inseparable from the help of the equipment manufacturing industry. The standard organic fertilizer production line can produce and process good organic fertilizer. According to the output, the organic fertilizer production line can be divided into small, medium and large-scale organic fertilizer production lines; according to the process, it can be divided into powder organic fertilizer production line and granular organic fertilizer production line.
Price of organic fertilizer equipment production line
Equipment flow of organic fertilizer production process: fermentation equipment - raw material warehouse - pulverizer - screening machine - granulator - dryer - cooler - screening machine - packaging scale. The equipment is connected with each other by belt conveyor. In the second screening link, the unqualified particles can be sent back to the crushing link for granulation of fertilizer granulator. This organic fertilizer production line is suitable for the production of organic fertilizer with single raw material and not very strict proportion. According to the different use of organic fertilizer production equipment and equipment specifications, the organic fertilizer production plant cost is between 300000-500000.

Fertilizer production equipment selection: if you want to reduce investment costs, you can choose small-scale equipment configuration: pulverizer, mixer, granulator, screening machine, packaging machine, etc. We will expand the scale of investment when the time is ripe.