Preparation for construction of organic fertilizer processing plant

The organic fertilizer production line is the organic fertilizer granule line and the organic fertilizer powder line. We all know that if you want to make granular organic fertilizer, you must first make it into powder before granulation, so the powder line is an important part of the granular line. Now I will introduce the process of the organic fertilizer production line in detail with the granular organic fertilizer production line. According to the process layout, the process of granular organic fertilizer production line is as follows: Fermentation - crushing - mixing - granulation - drying - screening - coating - packaging. The technological process of powdery organic fertilizer includes the above four processes (fermentation, crushing, screening and packaging).

The preparation for the construction of organic fertilizer processing plant is as follows:
1) The construction of organic fertilizer production line should meet the requirements of environmental protection policies. For environmental protection, it is not only the wish of the people, but also the policy demand of agricultural and animal husbandry development for environmental protection.
2) The source of raw materials and the radius around the source of raw materials determine the location of the plant, site investment, transportation investment, etc.
3) The type of raw materials determines the detailed equipment used in each process stage, and affects the equipment investment price.
4) The production scale of a single organic fertilizer production line from 3000 tons per year to 250000 tons per year determines the capacity requirements of the equipment, thus affecting the price, etc.
5) The recycling of resources mainly relies on the recycling of agricultural non-point pollution wastes, such as fuel and electricity raw materials, and biogas residue produced as organic fertilizer raw materials.
6) The organic fertilizer production line can be used as feed for other purposes.
7) Construction site: it is necessary to determine the production site size and site size investment according to the planned production scale. 
The organic fertilizer production line mainly consists of five parts: raw material warehouse, belt conveyor, crushing, screening and packaging,; It is suitable for small and medium-sized organic fertilizer production process with compact layout, scientific and reasonable layout, advanced technology, energy saving and consumption reduction, no three emissions, stable operation, reliable operation and convenient maintenance, wide adaptability of raw materials, and suitable for various proportions of organic compound fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer, urban sludge, domestic waste organic fertilizer, etc. The designed annual production capacity is 1-100000 tons.