Introduction of powdered organic fertilizer production process

 Powdered organic fertilizer refers to the fertilizer produced by organic raw materials according to a certain ratio, and does not make particles. There is a certain difference from the traditional stacking fermentation. The national standard is 40% organic matter, total nutrients above 5%, and moisture 30%. The equipment is also relatively simple, mainly the trilogy of fermentation, namely: premixing, turning, refining, and packaging. The purpose of fermentation is mainly that the macromolecular materials of organic raw materials are decomposed by microorganisms into small molecular materials that can be absorbed and utilized by crops. The quality of fermentation is also related to the quality of organic fertilizer and the effect of fertilizer.

The powdered organic fertilizer production line is a relatively simple organic fertilizer processing method, and its processing technology is much less than the granular organic fertilizer production process. The powdered organic fertilizer production line has simple process flow, low investment, small land occupation, and the amount of investment depending on the amount of raw materials. Although more and more customers are choosing a granular organic fertilizer production line, the powdered organic fertilizer production line is also popular on many small farms.

Process-determining equipment, equipment used in the process of powdered organic fertilizer production lines are generally less. Usually as follows:
1. Fermentation turning machine or organic fertilizer turning machine, which is the equipment used for powder or granular organic fertilizer;
2. Material crusher, one of the essential equipment for processing organic fertilizer;
3. Screening machine, sifting out the raw materials exceeding the powder requirements, and returning to crushing again;
4. Automatic weighing packing machine.

The small powder organic fertilizer production line generally selects a small pre-mixer, a shallow trough turner or a bar-type turner, a refining device, an automatic packaging machine, and the like.

Premixing equipment for large-scale powdered organic fertilizer production line generally chooses double-spiral mixer or unpowered mixing mixer. The stacker chooses shallow-slot turner or spiral turner or chain-type turner, generally according to its own capital situation and automation degree. It depends on the height. Refining equipment should choose 2-3 large crushers, or choose to sieve and smash to save some energy, because the fermented organic raw materials are relatively large in water, the smashing difficulty is relatively high, and the power of the equipment is relatively large. Screening and refining equipment must be selected for high output, high efficiency and energy saving. Final packaging, this packaging must choose organic fertilizer powder packaging machine.