The project of producing organic fertilizer with bio organic fertilizer equipment has a good market prospect


Fertilizer is the grain of crops and the essential basic means of production in agricultural production. However, the long-term application of chemical fertilizers in most areas of China has damaged the soil ecological environment, soil physical and chemical properties and soil microbial flora to varying degrees. In particular, excessive application of chemical fertilizers has caused serious imbalance in the proportion of nutrient elements in the soil, decreased the supply capacity of fertility, intensified soil hardening, greatly reduced the dominant population of rhizosphere soil microorganisms, and caused pollution to the quality of agricultural products to a certain extent, Making it difficult for the product to meet the requirements of green food. With the progress of science and technology in the field of microorganisms, scientists all over the world generally believe that fertilizers should be developed into microbial organic fertilizers.

Bio organic fertilizer produced by organic fertilizer equipment improves crop quality and reduces nitrate and heavy metal content. When applied to the farmland that has been using chemical fertilizer for many years, it has obvious effects on eliminating soil hardening and restoring soil fertility. Compared with the same substrate chemical fertilizer, the yield of grain crops and fruit trees increased by 10% ~ 15%, and the average yield increased by 12%; The increase of vegetable production reached 15% ~ 26%, and the average increase was 20%.

The project of producing organic fertilizer with biological organic fertilizer equipment has advanced technology, mature process, promising market prospect and simple production process. The application of this fertilizer can significantly improve the quality of agricultural products. The sugar content of various fruits can be increased by 2-5 degrees, the color index of fruits can be increased, the peel is thin and the taste is good, the quality of vegetables can also be significantly improved, and the content of nitrate and heavy metals can be significantly reduced. The nitrate content of lettuce was 342.6mg/kg, which was lower than that of chemical fertilizer by 80mg / kg. The application of bio organic fertilizer can also increase the content of VC, reducing sugar and reduce the content of heavy metals in vegetables.