What equipment does the organic fertilizer production line consist of?

Desinging a complete organic fertilizer production line,it is equipped with different type fertilizer equipment to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,what equipment are equipped in the organic fertilizer production line?
A complete organic fertilizer production line shall include fermentation system,crushing system,mixing system,screening system,transportation,granulation system,drying system,fermentation system and other supporting equipment.
Fermentation system:commonly used fertilizer equipment includes trough type stacker and plate chain stacker.
Pulverizing system:the equipment includes vertical pulverizer and horizontal pulverizer
Mixing system:the equipment includes disc mixer and horzontal mixer
The horzontal mixer can fully mix the materials and improve the uniformity.
Screening system:the equipment includes drum screen and vibrating screen.
Conveying system:the equipment includes fighter elevator and belt conveyor
Granulation system:the equipment includes disc granulator and drum granulator.The disc granulator is good in operation,low in cost and high in cost performance.
Drying system:drum dryer.After the wet materials enter into the drum dryer,the rolling of the dryer makes the materials fully and evenly contace with the hot air to accelerate the reducation of the humidity of the materials,and the dried materials are discharged from the other bevel.
fertilizer equipment
A good organic fertilizer production line can produce more than 100 tonsper day,which can meet the local market demand.Now many countries are advocating the application of organic fertilizer particles,which has a broad market prospect,so it is a good choice to invest in this industry.In every fertilizer manufacturing process part,different type fertilizer machine are used in the different fertilizer production line
organic fertilizer production line
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