Organic fertilizer manufacturing process with ecological agriculture

Organic fertilizer manufacturing process not only deals with the problem of environmental pollution caused by manure,but also is the basic requirement of ecological agriculture.The agricultural organic fertilizer waste is harmless treated by bio organic fertilizer production,and the design of the new organic fertilizer production line is more conducive to the harmless treatment.The organic fertilizer compost is decomposed and fermented.

The cropping system in Europe and the United States is different from that in China. Most of them are the annual cropping and fallow rotation system. During harvesting, a straw crusher is hung behind the combine harvester to directly return the crops to the field, or to implement no-tillage and mulch farmland. There are also farms that use straw silage or fermentation as feed to form animal manure and enter the manure fermentation process to produce an organic fertilizer system. In Europe and the United States, straw is rarely used directly to produce organic fertilizer industrially.

NPK compost fertilizer production line

Bio-organic fertilizer to be used to make bio organic fertilizer granulator.In npk manufacturing manufacturing process,it is to be equipped with organic fertilizer equipment to make the bio organic fertilizer.