npk organic fertilizer granule production line

NPK Fertilizer Granulator Production Line.

This pellets organic fertilizer production line utilizes granulation technology for pelletizing.And your materials for granulating should be powders.And then our granulator fertilizer equipment will pelletize your NPK powder into granules uniformly.Here we provide you pan granulation machine and NPK compound fertilizer roller compsctor for granulating.With our granulation equipment,you can get well pelleted NPK fertilizer manufacturing process pelletizing NPK,it is alternative for you to choose the shape of granules.

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NPK Pellets Blending fertilizer manufacturing process.

Besides,if you want to make high-quality NPK fertilizer pellets by simple steps,our factory provides you fertilizer granules blending machines.You only need to bath the NPK fertilizer according to your fomula.And then our BBfertilizer blending machine will blend them evenly.Finally,you can get well mixed NPK fertilizer granules.