Operation and Production Introduction of Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Line

Bio-organic fertilizer is a hotspot of fertilizer production in recent years. Compared with traditional fertilizer, it has many advantages. Bio-organic fertilizer has received good feedback after it was put into the market. The production of bio-organic fertilizer production line is the focus of relevant researchers. Following is a detailed introduction to the organic fertilizer production in combination with the bio-organic fertilizer production line, and discusses the direction of equipment production.

Organic fertilizers processed by bio-organic fertilizer production line have achieved good results, and have remarkable yield-increasing effect in agriculture, which has been widely recognized by the market. However, the bio-organic fertilizer production equipment still needs technological innovation and more effective production technology cooperation. Bio-organic fertilizer production line includes the treatment of organic raw materials, composting and fermentation technology of organic compost, and post-processing of bio-organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer fermentation technology mainly uses compost turning machine to improve the compost quality. Bioorganic fertilizer post-processing equipment includes crusher, organic fertilizer granulator, mixer, drum screener, drum dryer, cooler. The whole production process of bio-organic fertilizer production line, even the later processing, has a certain space for technological development.
bio organic fertilizer production line

The bio-organic fertilizer production line applies a good combination of organic and inorganic fertilizers to the production of fertilizers, which is conducive to the current fertilization method, which is an extension of bio-organic fertilizers. The bio-organic fertilizer production line uses organic fertilizer as the main carrier and mixes with chemical fertilizer. This kind of fertilizer can give full play to the advantages of both, and expand the market of bio-organic fertilizer. For example, bio-phosphorus fertilizer and organic-inorganic compound fertilizer are the products of organic-inorganic benign combination. These fertilizers have excellent effect in practical application process, and have the function of fertilizing soil fertility, improving yield and quality. The bio-organic fertilizer production line deserves to be popularized and invested more in research. The fertilizer produced by it has remarkable effect.

The bio-organic fertilizer production line should consider the local conditions comprehensively, and make the bio-organic fertilizer formula more suitable for the local soil environment and crop characteristics according to the final demand.