The npk fertilizer production technology

The fertilizer manufacturing process have many method,and with the development of the technology of producing the fertilizer granulator.And the different fertilizer producing method,the different fertilizer granulator machine are also produced.Today this article will share more about the fertilizer producing method for npk,compound fertilizer granulator with you.
In the process of the npk fertilizer production the fertilizer granulator machine are designed for the fertilizer disc granulator,rotary drum grasnulator and roller press granulator.And the fertilier production method  of producing the npk,compound fertilizer granulator have these type:
1.Blending process technology:The compound fertilizer produced by this process or method is called blended fertilizer or bb fertilizer.Its characteristics are simple process,flexible ratio,raw material fertilizer remains the same,relatively intuitive,easy to adjust nutrient ratio.However,the disadvantage is that the fertilizer is easy to produce the separation of nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium fertilizer during transportation and application,and the fertilizer is easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate.At present,most of the bb fertilizer formulas on the market are high in nitrogen,high in potassium,and high in concentration,lacking medium and trace elements.

Dry powder physical pellet production process technology
The dry powder physical agglomeration granulation process technology is according to the needs,several kinds of fertilizer raw materials are sselected for measurement and mixing,and the binder is used as a cement in the granulator.The granulation of the dry posder mixture is heated,and the amount of the liquid phase is increased by adding water or steam,and then agglomerated into a certain particle size of the compound fertilizer granulaes in disc granulator or a roller press granulator.
Slurry production process technology
The slurry process is a product of the reaction of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid or some mixed acid with ammonia (sometimes also a product of the reaction of acid with phosphate rock) as a nitrogen-phosphorus slurry. Then, potassium salt is added to the slurry or the potassium salt is directly added to the fertilizer  granulator machine, and then the nitrogen and phosphorus slurry is sprayed into the granulator, and then reacted with the potassium salt at a high temperature to obtain a nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ternary compound fertilizer. The nutrients in the compound fertilizer produced by this process are very uniform, and the nutrient content and proportion in the granular fertilizer are completely the same. The physicochemical properties of the particles are first rate. The form of nitrogen in the fertilizer includes ammonium nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen, so the fertilizer efficiency is better than that of a single urea state or a single ammonium state.
Well,these technology are mainly used in the compound fertilizer production.And what's more,organic fertilizer manufacturing process are also developed with the improvement of the technology.The more fertilizer production method are also designing for producing the compound fertilizer granulator and the organic fertilizer granulator.