NPK fertilizer manufacturing process in detail

 NPK fertilizer to be produced and used in farming and it also can be mixed with organic fertilizer which to be produced by using the organic fertilizer production line to use.How to produce the npk fertilizer granulator by using the automatic fertilizer equipment?
The raw materials of producing the npk fertilizer:The raw materials include urea,ammonium nitrate,ammonium cloride,ammonium phosphate,potassium,choride and other raw materials aree provide in a certain proportion.
2.Stirring of raw materials:Stir the prepared raw materials evenly to increase the uniform fertilizer effeciency of the whole fertilizer particle.When producing the npk fertilizer granulator,we can use the roller press granulator machine to finish the fertilizer manufacturing process,which this type and series fertilizer equipment also can be used in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.
Granulation of raw matetrials:Send the evenly stirred raw materials to the granulator for granulation(the drum granulator can be used )
4.Granule drying :The granules made by the granulator are sent to the fertilizer dryer machine,and the moisture contained in the granules is dried to indrease the strength of the granules and facilitate storage.
5.Granule cooling:The temperature of dried fertilizer granules is too high,which is easy to agglomerate.After cooling,it is convenient for bagging and transportation.
6.Particle classification:The particles afteer cooling are classified,and the unqualified particles are pulverized and regranulated,and the qualified products are sieved out.
7.Finished film:Coating and coating the qualified products to increase the briigntness and roundness of the partic.
8.Finished product packaging:Store the film coated particles,which is the finished product in a ventilated place.
Using the fertilizer equipment to finish the fertilizer  production process is higher efficient and savve more production time