Livestock manure organic fertilizer processing equipment to ensure the rapid development of livestock

With the adjustment of agricultural industrialization structure, livestock and poultry breeding industry has developed rapidly. While meeting people's demand for meat, eggs and milk, the disorderly discharge of a large number of livestock and poultry feces has also caused extremely serious environmental pollution. According to statistics, livestock and poultry manure pollution in China is as high as 38% every year × 108 t Most of China's breeding enterprises are built in areas with convenient transportation and water supply and drainage. Most of them directly discharge livestock and poultry feces into nearby farmland, rivers, sewer networks and even rivers without any treatment, which not only spreads bacteria, but also pollutes the environment. The pollution to air, water and soil directly threatens human health, The treatment of livestock manure has become an urgent problem to be solved in the development of animal husbandry.

With the increase of large livestock and poultry farms, the total amount of fecal pollution put into farmland exceeds the absorption capacity of farmland. Feces that can not find a way out are piled up at will, resulting in serious environmental pollution, which has attracted great attention of the government. Many countries have formulated corresponding management regulations to regulate the treatment of livestock and poultry manure by means of legislation. The regulations stipulate that large livestock and poultry farms must have facilities for the storage, treatment and utilization of feces and sewage. Manure shall not be piled near the water source, and sewage shall not be discharged at will without treatment. At the same time, developed countries subsidize livestock manure processing plants and promote the resource utilization of livestock manure by means of policy guidance.

Livestock manure organic fertilizer processing equipment: it mainly develops a stirring and fermentation device suitable for livestock manure. The device is composed of fermentation tank main body, integral frame, input stirring cage, high-pressure hot air blower, discharge aggregate box, cyclone removal cabinet, induced draft fan and other devices. The device can complete the full harmless treatment, deodorization, aeration and fermentation of manure at one time, The whole processing process can be controlled automatically.