Large scale cattle manure organic fertilizer production line

The whole set of fertilizer equipment of the large scale cattle manure organic fertilizer production line needs equipment such as fermentation throwing machine,semi wet material crusher,drum screening machine,horizontal mixer,disc granulator,dryer,cooler,drum screening machine,coating machine,automatic quantitative packaging machine etc.
The organic fertilizer production line of cow manure organic fertilizer is a complete set of equipment for processing organic fertilizer with cow manure as raw materials.The cow manure in the dung urinal can be pumped into the equipment by the cow manure treatment machine first through the mud pump,and then it can be dehydrated by the equipment.After treatment,the water content is about 40%.Straw,rice bran(including NPK)and other crops can also be used as filling materials,and thn biological bacteria agent is sprinked,and 1kg bacteria agent is mixied with 20kg water.It can ferment 1 ton of raw materials 1-2 days,generally 7-10 days can be completely decomposed.
organic fertilizer production line
Trough aerobic fermentation:This is the most effective way to deal with cow manure at present,and it is also suitable for the commercialization of cow manure organic fertilizer production,which is conducive to standardized production.It uses biological characteristics combined with mechanization technology,uses natural microorganisms or inoculated microorganisms to completely decompose cattle manure and convert organic matter into organic matter,carbon dioxide and water.This method has a short fermentation time,generally about 15 days can make cattle manure completely fermented and decomposed,and it is easy to realize industrial scale production,not affected by weather and seasons,and it has little pollution to the environment.It is benefical to the commerical production of cow manure organic fertilizer.According to different equipment,the width of fermentation tank is generally 3-20m,the depth is generally 0.8-1.5m,and the length is 50-100m,which can be designed according to the actual situation.
After general raw materials are fermented,they can be directly processed and granualted.If the raw materials have not been processed,refer to the above method for fermentation,the whole set of equipment of the large-scale cattle manure organic fertilizer production line needs equipment in the fertilizer manufacturing process,such as fermentation throwing machine,semi wet machine grindeer,drum screening machine,horizontal mixer,disc granulator,dryer,drum screening machine,coating machine,automatic machine and so on.

The large scale  cattle manure organic fertilizer production line equipment,process layout compact,scientific and reasonable,advanced technology,engery saving,no three emissions,stable operation,reliable operation,convenient maintenance,wide adaptability of raw materials.
As the fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are not only design the cow manure organic fertilizer production line,the cow manure also can be used as the raw materials of bio fertilizer production line.In the bio organic fertilizer production line,it also equipped with these series fertilizer machines,but it may be used different type fertilizer machines.