Introduction to bioorganic fertilizer

 The introduction of bio organic fertilizer:
First:characteristics of bio organic fertilizer:
1.The fertilizer adopts different combination technology and new production technology of biological bacteria and rotten organic matter,which makes organic,inorganic and microbial ternary compound with excellent quality and incompared effect of single bacteria and fertilizer.
2.Low cost,large income,wide source of fertilizer,large flexibility of formula,simple process flow and less capitial investment,which in the bio organic fertilizer manufacturing process it is to be equipped with different type and series fertilizer equipment to finish the production process.The application of organic fertilizer on crops can increase the root system of crops,improve the cold resistance of crops,increase the yield of cash crops by 15.6-27%,and improve the quality of crops.The proportion of top-grade tobacoo increase as the tobacco became thicker.Watemelon and strawberry can improve two sugar degrees,reduce deformity,and it has bright appearance.
3.High utilization rate of nutrients for fertilizer supply,growth promotion and disease resistance can greatly reduce the use of chemical fertilizer,have strong ability of nitrogen fixation,phosphorus and potassium dissolution,and can continuously supply nutrients for plant growth;antimicrobial substances produced by microbial metabolism can inhibit the invasion of pathogenic bacteria to achieve the effect of disease control and pest reduction.
4.Improve the ecological conditions of soil microbial agents around the crop roots.It can make the soil loose,reduce the ability of moisture and fertilizer heat in the soil,and enhance the ability and performance of soil fertilizer conservation,supply and cultivation.
Producing the bio organic fertilizer it is to be designed a biofertilizer production line to make the fertilizer producing process.
2.Application scope of granulator:
1)Bio organic fertilizer granulator with peat,sludge and straw as raw materials;
2)Using chicken manure,pig manure,cow manure ,sheep manure and other livestock manure as the main raw material of organic compound fertilizer granulation;In the fertilizer manufacturing process,producing the fertilizer granulator,it is to be equipped with the fertilizer granulator machine to make bioorganic fertilizer granulator.
3)Granulation of cake fertilizer with bean cake as the main raw materials;
4)Granulation of feed and mixed feed with corn,beans and grass powder as raw materials;
5)Straw bio feed particles with crop straw as raw materials.
organic fertilizer production line
Characteristics and application of organic fertizer pelletilzer:
Features and uses:
The special granulator for organic fertilizer is used to granulate all kinds of organic matters after fermentation,breaking through the conventional organic matter granulation process.Before granulation,the raw materials need not to be dried and crushed,and the spherical particles can be processed directly with ingredients,which can save a lot of engery.How to purchase granulator machine can also start from the following points:
IMportant features of organic fertilizer granulator:
1.The particles produced are spherical;
2.The content of organic matter can be as high as to realize the granulation of pure organic matter;
3.The organic particles can be embedded with each other under a certain force,so there is no need to add binder granulation.
4.Solid particles can be screened after granulation to reduce energy consumption for drying.
5.The organicss after fermentation do not need to dried,and the moisture content of raw materials can be 20-40%.
Organic fertilizer production line is also to be designed for producing the organic fertilizer.In the fertilizer production process,using the automatic or semi-automatic fertilizer equipment to finish the fertilizer production process not only improve the working efficient,it also simplify the fertilizer production process by using the fertilizer equipment to finish the production process.