How to solve the electrostatic problem of organic fertilizer screening machine

Organic fertilizer production line also contains a lot of production equipment, but no matter what kind of equipment in the process of use, there will be electrostatic problems, which is a relatively normal phenomenon, can not be eliminated, but we are trying to find a way to solve, then how to deal with the electrostatic problems of organic fertilizer screening machine?
How to solve the electrostatic problem of organic fertilizer screening machine
1. The wire is grounded on the screen of the vibrating screen to lead out the current.
2. Antistatic agent is added to the material before screening.
3. Before screening, the material goes through some antistatic measures such as high temperature and drying.
But the thickness of the material is different, this method can be used for general materials. Some fine materials can choose roller screen. Because there will be a great acceleration after the drum is electrified, which can inhibit the adhesion, friction and other electrostatic problems, and also improve the screening efficiency.

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